Start a Zero Waste Program at Your School

Many schools have recycling programs. This is a great first step. If you don’t already have a recycling program, there are many resources on the web for where to start. However, recycling in the classroom and cafeteria are only a piece of the puzzle.

A truly comprehensive program will include a Zero Waste plan, where you determine better choices for products used in the classroom and the cafeteria, as well as stewardship for recoverable materials afterwards that find there way out of your school. There are great places to start all over the web for recycling programs, but fewer for Zero Waste plans. Some of the more current and popular ones are listed here.

Zero Waste Marin has a comprehensive set of steps for Zero Waste collaboration at your school.

Post Landfill Action Network is an organization run by students for students that helps you get your feet pointed in the direction of Zero Waste at your school.

One Cool Earth’s Green Team Program offers three easy steps to get your school into a Zero Waste program.

Zero Waste Chef has suggestions for starting school program, and loads of suggestions on Zero Waste Living.

Green Schools Initiative Has an infographic poster and Buying Guide available on their website.

Consultants at Strategic Energy Innovations have created this downloadable document: SEI_School_Zero_Waste_Guide_Preview

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Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

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