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‘Trash Monsters’ Used to Protest Nestlé’s Plastic Use

Here is just how creative you can be with trash! Environmental protesters collaborated on April 17 to create these monsters out of unrecycled plastic content in protest of a large corporation’s use of plastics without a zero-waste plan. Check out the Facebook video below.

This incredible display of puppetry is at the hands of Paperhand Puppet Intervention, a non-profit theater in Saxapahaw, North Carolina.

The artistry involved reminds me of Hiyao Miyazaki’s films and is an especially appropriate connection since Miyazaki’s message was also poignantly environmental.

Do you want to make a difference for Earth Day? Why not create your own trash monsters? Let us know about your success in the comments below!

It’s not too late to catch the trash monsters again. You can catch the show
We. Are. Here.
at Paperhand during the summer of 2019.

Show schedules at this link.

Whether or not you’re able to attend, if you want to help spread this important message, why not make a donation to Paperhand for this project?

Make donations at this link.

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