Can Coca-Cola Do it?

In January of 2018, Coca-Cola pledged to recycle all packaging by 2030. Is it feasible? Here’s a BBC article on the pledge.

And here’s a TED-Talk that gives some background. As Bart Elmore suggests, we can get involved by making it the law to recycle all plastic bottles.

Want to get involved? Contact the good folks at Container Recycling Institute (CRI) to learn about how to start or join a grassroots initiative in your area to get a national bottle bill passed. Shout out to Susan Collins (President of CRI) for bringing up this awesome video.

Featured Photo altered from by Lacey Williams on Unsplash

‘Trash Monsters’ Used to Protest Nestlé’s Plastic Use

Here is just how creative you can be with trash! Environmental protesters collaborated on April 17 to create these monsters out of unrecycled plastic content in protest of a large corporation’s use of plastics without a zero-waste plan. Check out the Facebook video below.

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Start a Zero Waste Program at Your School

Many schools have recycling programs. This is a great first step. If you don’t already have a recycling program, there are many resources on the web for where to start. However, recycling in the classroom and cafeteria are only a piece of the puzzle.

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