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North Carolina
Extension Service
Worm Away Your
Cafeteria Scraps

A clearly written online fact sheet on vermicomposting cafeteria food waste that describes the basic issues that are involved and a 10 step process for creating a vermicomposting system (including building the worm bin) that includes a troubleshoot guide. Brief examples of several school based vermin-composting programs are also provided.
Integrated Waste
Management Board:

The Worm Guide:
A Vermicomposting Guide for Teachers
This is another online guide to vermicomposting that covers all the issues from how to get started through care and maintenance of the worm population to using the finished compost. Listings of California based suppliers of worms and bins are provided. There are also links to vermicomposting curriculum and school case studies that can be downloaded as PDF documents.
Public Schools (OR)
As the Worm Turns
This page, which is part of the Portland Public Schools web site, describes their ongoing vermicomposting program including which schools currently have ongoing vermicomposting projects along with brief tips on how other schools can get involved.
West Contra Costa County (CA)
Worm Composting
This is a brief guide to establishing a worm composting school program that is part of the West Contra County Integrated Waste Management Authority's RecycleMore web site. Topics covered include worm composting basics, the type of worms and worm bins that are suitable for vermicomposting, worm care fundamentals and harvesting and using finished vermicompost. A listing of local worm suppliers is provided.