Special Recycling Topics



City of LA Environmental Defenders
Organizing Cafeteria Recycling Programs in Elementary Schools (Principal's Packet) [PDF]
This is a short guide to a developing a school cafeteria-recycling program that was created by the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works based on following 10 activity steps. There is also a description of a school cafeteria recycling program that has been active since 1994.       
Designing for
Recycling in Schools
This is a fact sheet oriented to informing architects and engineers on the need for school facility construction project designs to accommodate the space and access needs for recycling as well as to incorporate recycling practices during the construction phase.      
School Locker
Cleanout Pilot
This web page describes the results and lessons learned from a pilot project conducted in 1997 for recovering recyclable and reusable materials from school locker cleanouts performed at 2 East Baton Rouge Parish Schools.