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Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance - Creating Less Trash at School [off-site]
This site provides a number of examples of how students can reduce the waste they create in connection with school activities such as lunch or as a school project such as reducing the amount of junk mail delivered to the school. The benefits of each waste reduction action are also explained.
Hennepin County Environmental Services
School Waste Reduction Checklist [off-site]
This is a useful list of waste reduction actions that can be taken by schools with respect to lunchroom, supplies and packaging.
Waste Reduction
This site provides brief descriptions of various waste reduction actions that have been successfully undertaken by teachers and students in Wisconsin schools such as converting from disposable to reusable lunch trays.
City of Fort Collins Waste Reduction at School
The City of for Collins put together this list of waste reduction actions that can be put into action by students and teachers. Especially notable is the suggestion of having a Waste Reduction Week with each day devoted to a specific theme such as Zero Garbage Day.

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North Carolina Recycle Guys Teacher's Corner
Beyond Recycling: A Waste Reduction Manual for Schools
This is a large, comprehensive document whose goal is to show how schools can move beyond recycling by integrating effective waste reduction practices into school operations. It has three main parts. The first is a set of seven detailed case studies of school recycling and waste reduction programs that were active when the manual was published in 1995. The second section describes a 5 step process for implementing a school waste reduction program based on establishing a program team, conducting a waste assessment, determining available resources, considering safety issues and identifying different options to implement with respect to reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. The final section is a compilation of worksheets and technical references such as volume-to-weight conversions.
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance - Educational Toolbox
Fact Sheet - Creating Less Trash at School
Reduce Waste Slide Show - Schools
There is the downloadable PDF version of the Creating Less Trash at School web site described in the web links above..