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Cornell Composting - Composting in Schools

This is a good general starting point for learning about composting as well as how it can be incorporated into school systems for learning and waste reduction purposes. There are substantive discussions of the science and engineering aspects of composting as well as presentations on how composting can be done in either indoor or outdoor settings. The site also presents ideas and references to help in the teaching of essential composting concepts and to help students undertake their own projects.

Travis County, Texas - Agricultural Extension Service.
Composting for Kids

Composting for Kids is an online slide presentation about composting developed by the Travis County (TX) Agriculture Extension Service. It is particularly suitable for presenting composting basics to younger children that have access to the web either at home or at school.

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Iowa Land Quality and Waste Management Assistance Division
A Guide to Composting in School

This guide provides a general introduction to why and how schools should develop a composting program. The guide begins by discussing the purpose of a waste audit and reviewing the different composting options, such as bin composting and vermicomposting that includes a discussion of budgeting issues that should be considered as part of this evaluation. Implementation topics associated with separating and composting identified organic wastes are covered in a high level summary form followed up with technical appendices that provide forms, technical fact sheets, sources of additional information and a recent school composting case study.

New Hampshire Governor's Recycling Program - School Recycling - Composting

The school composting resources at this site are provided as three separate downloading documents. The first is a technical guide that covers how composting works, collecting food wastes, setting up and operating a composting bin, promoting the program and evaluating results. The second document is a set of 8 classroom activities for a wide range of grade levels that are designed to teach the scientific basis of composting to students. The third document is a set of five appendices that list NH school composting contacts, instructions on how to construct a composting bin from wooden pallets, copies of program forms to use, a laboratory analysis of a compost sample provided by the NH Governor's office and additional composting information resources.
American Forest and Paper Association
Paper and Wood Recycling - Recycling Coordinators Resources
Got Lunch? - Including paper in school cafeteria composting.
This is a short fact sheet that talks about the value of including soiled paper such as towels, tissue and paperboard in a school composting program and provides some examples of schools that are currently doing this as part of their composting programs.